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Raw foods are food products which have not exceeding 42° C during the entire production process in order to retain as much nutrients as possible.

Adding to that, our carefully selected products are also organic, free from preservatives/additives and produced in the EU.

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There are 19 products.
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"Esta é uma superfruta do Brasil cheia de antioxidantes!" Some indigenous population of Brazil value this nutritious berry enormously as it makes up over 42% of their diet in weight! Other than a nutritional supplement, the leaves can also be used to make hats & baskets leaving no waste behind. Made in the EU

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Known as the "Tree of Life", the Baobab's fruit holds a powerhouse of vitamin C, potassium, calcium, fibers and antioxidants. Ever thought of making a cheesecake infused with the African Tree of Life? Made in the EU

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This is what bees produce and eat as food in their hives! Simply put, it is the most important single source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids I have ever seen! Made in the EU

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Dont know what to eat in the morning or which powders to incorporate in your smoothies? Here's a convenient mix for you to add to your breakfast! This product mix contains organic: cacao, spirulina, lucuma, maca, hemp seed and açai berry powder. This is every supplement the body needs in the morning! Made in the EU

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Theobroma, or "Food of the Gods", is also simply known as Cacao beans. Amongst all of our selection of Raw Superfoods, this is as Raw as it gets! It is simply grown, collected and dried before packaging it for our consumption... it doesn't even go through a grinding process. How you prepare and consume these beans to access its minerals and antioxidants...

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The Latin name, Theobroma, translates to "Food of the Gods"... considering its antioxidant properties and arsenal of minerals, this title is well earned! We eat them as healthy little previous snacks, but the ancient Mayans used the beans as a currency! Made in the EU

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Raw unprocessed cacao powder has earned its place as one of the greatest Superfoods of all... no wonder its Latin name, Theobroma, is translated as the "Food of the Gods". Ancient Mayans used prepare special drinks using Cacao powder for wedding ceremonies and other rituals! Made in the EU

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The Camu Camu is a little berry native to the Amazonian rainforest and is famous for having the second highest concentration of vitamin C known in fruits. Since it is extremely sour when fresh and not everyone knows how to use it in its powdered form, a vegi capsule makes life even easier! Made in the EU

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Out from the Amazonian rainforest comes a purple-red berry which contains one of the highest concentration of vitamin C known in fruits. The real fruit is hard to purchase fresh in Europe and is so sour that it is inedible... I rather have it in powdered form! Made in the EU

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