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Here are a selection of 100% organic, natural and pure oils which will help you complement your diet or moisturise your body!

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There are 4 products.
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Need Omega 3 fatty acids but are a vegan? Never fear, sustainable Algae is here! For non-vegans, take a look at our Fish Oil Made in the EU

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Is coconut oil good for your health? I eat it, cook with it, hydrate my skin with it and apply it as a light sun protection... you tell me! In particular, this product smells so good that it makes my wife want to lick me when applied after my shower! Made in the EU

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Our best source of Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) comes from our friend of the sea, which happens to be a certificate to ensure sustainable fishing and production process. Don't worry, your breath will not smell fishy and chase away your date after ingesting this product! For the vegan alternative, take a look at our Algae Oil Made in the EU

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I already mentioned how much I love my extra virgin coconut oil. But what if you hate the smell of coconuts but would still like to reap some of its benefits? Well it's you lucky day! Made in the EU

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