Nutritionist services in Luxembourg and online

No matter what you health objectives are (weight loss, athletic performance, weight gain, reducing cholesterol, managing diabetes...), these can be managed through an appropriate nutrition plan.

Having Vincent as your nutritionist means that a diet plan would not solely be created using textbook guidelines, but adapted to your personal lifestyle and history with a certain realistic flexibility.

How do we come up with your customised diet plan?

First meeting

  • Understanding your objectives.
  • Establish realistic goals.
  • Determine your ideal metrics (e.g. weight, waist size, monthly meat reduction, protein intake...).
  • Understand your lifestyle, health history and culinary habits.
  • Provide you with an analysis of your current diet.
  • Giving your initial tips on how to improve your nutrition.

Within  a few days, I will send you a detailed nutrition plan which will include a summary of our meeting, tips & tricks and even recipes best suited for your needs.

Follow up meeting

  • Evaluating your current progress.
  • Understand your reflections on the diet plan.
  • Adapt your next goals/progression.
  • Adapt your nutrition plan to reach your next progression.

Continuous contact

During your whole project, I will be reachable at all times in order to clarify some points and keep you on the right track to success!

Healthy living workshops for groups and companies

Vincent TAM nutritionist Luxembourg

I also organise group workshops covering topics such as:

  • General healthy living
  • Sports nutrition
  • Healthy & vegan
  • Weight loss
  • And more!

Whether it is a corporate event or a family, contact me directly ( or +352 691 81 81 18) for a quote and topics choice!