What are natural (whole) food supplements?

Natural nutritional supplements are products which are derived from dehydrated plants, herbs and wholefoods which are usually prepared in the form of powders, tablets or oils. Due to its natural organic sources, these dietary supplements provides us with an array of vitamins and minerals as opposed to single synthetic elements that mimic vitamins (e.g. Vitamin D tablets).

Most importantly, since these nutritional supplements are derived from food, they are more easily absorbed and used by our body.

Why should I choose natural nutritional supplements instead of artificial ones?

It is my personal belief that natural foods and elements are better and healthier for the human body. This has been proven to me with the presence of so many people around us who are prone to food allergies and skin allergies when using synthetic products. Furthermore, minerals such as Iron are better absorbed in the body in the presence of vitamin C, as is Calcium in the presence of Vitamin D... it is very 

Where are the products sourced from?

In order to ensure high quality products and lower the brand's carbon footprint, all products are sourced from the European Union and as locally as possible. Examples include honey products from Luxembourg, protein powders from Belgium and Raw Superfoods from the Netherlands. Furthermore, the large majority of products are bio organic (with or without certification as long as they have correct organic practices).

Can I take dietary supplements instead of food?

NO, food supplements (as its name indicates), are meant to complement your diet in order to achieve your nutritional objectives. It is in no way supposed to replace your meals.

Can you cure my illnesses?

This is an ongoing debate in today's world although Hippocrates  seems to already have answered the riddle: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

To be clear, my products cannot cure your illnesses. However, the community aims to promote healthy living and exercise as preventative medicine.

Can you diagnose me?

Absolutely NOT! My name is not preceded by Dr or MD nor do I have my own laboratory. Naturalis Balance can only provide you with people's experiences and products from nature which your body requires. It is therefore you responsibility to be diagnosed by a healthcare professional in order to understand what your body needs on a physiological level. Only then can you ask for products which satisfies your body's needs!

What are the different delivery methods available?

There are 3 delivery methods available to the community:

  1. Standard delivery: through local postal services or other types of services (free over 50€).
  2. Express delivery: I can of course accommodate express deliveries, but it will not be free!
  3. Pick it up yourself: want to pick up your products and/or have a chat? Come directly to our HQ!

Where do you ship?

Although I focus on delivery within the EU, I of will not deprive shoppers from obtaining our products and therefore will accept delivery worldwide as long as you cover the shipping fees.

For more details on shipping option, click here.

Do you use recycled packaging?

Yes! The delivery packaging that I use are either:

  1. 100% recycled and FSC certified cardboard boxes with paper stuffing.
  2. Recovered and reused boxes and stuffing to further lower our carbon footprint.
  3. Coming soon: Repack - reusable eco friendly delivery bags which are sent back by the clients free of charge in order to benefit from vouchers!

Who can contribute to the articles posted in the blog?

Anybody! Simply drop me an email with the article you wish to publish (only original content is accepted and not articles copy-pasted from other sources), I proof read it and make sure there are no overlaps, then it shall be posted on the website and our Social media pages!

Do you have a physical store?

Not yet! My strategy is to develop Naturalis Balance as an E-commerce for the first year to better gauge the need of the population and raise some capital. After 18 months, I hope to open up a physical store in Luxembourg City in order to get even closer to the community and encourage even more interaction!

Are your articles backed up by science or peer reviewed?

Not directly nor necessarily. Articles which are published have been researched from different sources which may or may not have been peer reviewed.

I wish to create an active community: for people to share their own personal experience, and not pure theory. There are so many schools of thoughts and beliefs surrounding the world of nutrition and general health that most people do not know who or what to believe! I wish to bridge this chasm through the Wisdom of the Crowd".