About Us

My mission: to help the community lead healthier lives through nutrition and sports

I created Naturalis Balance in 2017 by pursuing my passion for healthy living and ambition to inspire others to do so.

As a firm believer of learning through personal experience, and not through theory, I created this brand not only to bring you Natural Food Supplements, but also to educate the community to be more healthy through workshops, private consultations and my health blog.

Who am I?

This Chinese guy on your right with a Russki hat is me, Vincent Tam, currently living in beautiful Luxembourg (yes the country!).

I have developed an obsession for healthy living from a young age through my parent’s cooking and my sports. Having asthma and strong allergies at a young age, I am persuaded that it is partially due to our dependence on western medicine, highly processed food, industrially farmed  meats and GM crops.

Furthermore, as a sportsman on a fully natural reducetarian diet, my body is also more demanding in nutrients, which is facilitated through the use of organic nutritional supplements. 

I therefore use and promote the use of natural organic food supplements in order to satisfy my body's needs and would like to share this experience with the community!

"I understand (or at least try to understand) your situation when it comes to work-life balance, and wish to help you work through achieving a healthy balance thanks to the wisdom of the crowd."

Vincent Tam about me Naturalis Balance


Great supply for Organic and Natural food supplements. Highly recommend if you are looking for a high quality European nutritional supplements.


Great range of high quality products! I highly recommend it to anyone who like me believes that a shot of spirulina in the morning does the magic better than a cup of coffee!


Some really exclusive natural food supplements! Vincent is a highly ethical businessman, living the values and will treat each customer as a close friend.