About Us

Naturalis Balance

"I want us to be an active member of the community and share our passion for healthy living."

I created Naturalis Balance in 2016 by pursuing my passion for healthy living and ambition to inspire others to do so.

As a firm believer of learning through personal experience, and not through theory, I created this brand not only to bring you healthy natural food supplements, but also as a communication platform for you, as an active member of the community, to share your experiences on different health related topics:

Exercise regimens
Guest articles and interviews on nutrition
Comments and opinions on health products currently on the market
Tips and tricks on fitness routines
Diet plans
Scientific research on vitamins and minerals

About Me

Naturalis Balance founder Vincent TAM

This Chinese guy on your left with a Russki hat is me, Vincent Tam, currently living in beautiful Luxembourg (yes the country!).

I have developed an obsession for healthy living from a young age through my parent’s cooking and my sports. Having asthma and strong allergies at a young age, I am persuaded that it is partially due to our dependence on western medicine, highly processed food, industrially farmed  meats and GM crops. Furthermore, as a sportsman on a reducetarian diet, my body is also more demanding in protein and other nutrients, which is facilitated through the use of organic food and nutritional supplements. Unfortunately, these supplements are often extremely processed, synthetic, unnatural and taste absolutely horrible!

In time, I feel like I have overcome a number of physiological barriers which have restricted me in my youth through a long experiment of healthy eating and sports as therapy and prevention.

I therefore use and promote the use of natural organic food supplements in order to satisfy my body's needs and would like to share this experience with the community!

"We, as a community, understand (or at least try to understand) your situation when it comes to work-life balance, and wish to help you work through achieving a good balance with what we know as a community."


Je recommande les compléments alimentaires de Vincent car vu son énergie ça ne peut qu être de la bombe en comprimés :p Bonne chance à toi l'ami!


Thanks to NB for his professionalism and his friendliness. Definitely adapted natural dietary supplements not only for wellness and healthiness, but also adapted to athletes! Very nice concept, go on !


Os produtos fornecidos pelo Naturalis Balance são de muita boa qualidade e contribuam à uma vida muita mais sáudavel! Recomendo!!