Why do I and my team exercise so much?! Physical and Mental benefits of sports.

Published : 10.07.2017 18:18:31
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I often hear the phrase "how much sports do you do?!"

This is actually a question which is difficult to answer because I do not want people to compare their performance with mine as it is a bad indicator for an inaccurate measurement. The question people have to ask instead is "WHY do you do sports?"

This is s question which I would like to simplify the answer to physiological and mental benefits.

Physiological benefits of sports

This is too obvious, the science behind cardiovascular benefits to muscular reinforcement is a given! What is really interesting is in the next session...

Mental benefits of sports (much more important imo)

    • Feel good hormones: if you could activate your endorphins at will, which makes you feel happy, wouldn't you always push that button? Well the easiest way to release these hormones is through a certain level of laughter and physical exercise!
    • Stress relief: sports help me get rid of my stress through the act of physical exertion, endorphin release and taking my focus away from my worries.
    • Stay sane and vent out the crazy: we have all felt like throwing things, punching a pillow or scream... why not do that in a controlled environment instead of unrightfully releasing it to the outside world.
    • Gives you more energy: thanks to the physical factors above, the feel good factors and the improvement in health through sports, I have much more energy during the day allowing me to do more and be more happy!
    • Establish a routine in life: having a routine allows me to compartmentalise my week easily, forcing me to be more efficient in my tasks to achieve them and always feel I'm not wasting away!
    • Make friends: people you meet at work are rarely you friends, so unless you have a good social group already, sports helps me meet a lot of new friends!
    • Guilt free gluttony: the more you burn, the more you can eat... that is all!
    • Do something you love: nothing needed to explain. How can you not feel happy doing something you love?

    Exercise allows me to structure my life to take one positive step at a time. Remember: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

    Is there such a thing as too much sports?

    Here's the rule that I use for myself. As long as I can perform at around 80-90% of my capacity with no risk of getting hurt, then it is not too much especially for all the benefits I get mentioned above! With my nutrition and general health, this allows me to do my circuit training 3-4 times a week, volleyball once a week!

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