The importance of sports and nutritional supplements for health

Published : 22.02.2019 22:55:48
Categories : Healthy habits , Minerals , Nutrition , Vitamins

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by my friend Vesela from Plateful Nutrition, a fellow blogger and nutritionist based in Luxembourg. In this video, we talk about:

  • What made me want to be active in the field of health and wellbeing? What is my story.
  • With so many supplements out there, what advises can I give to someone who wants to know more about how to choose the right supplements? What do they need to look out for?
  • Which supplements in my opinion should be considered of importance even when we start eating a healthier, wholefood diet?
  • What is the most important thing I have learnt so far in my studies?
  • What are the steps I take to feel instantly happy and grateful?

I even show you in video what exercises you can do to start a more active lifestyle at home!

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