Push ups: the perfect home chest and triceps workout

Published : 11.02.2017 23:02:55
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Through my experience wth my fellow team Hardcore Soldiaz, I have further reinforced the fact that humans do not need any equipment in order to stay in shape, unless one needs to take their training to the next level.

Step 1: Perfect form

Everyone knows what a push up is, but how many of us do them correctly in order to properly develop your chest and triceps? Form is always, I repeat, always supreme when it comes to exercise. 1 perfect push up is always better than 10 faulty ones! Thus, before we start, make sure you watch the attached video for perfect form.

Step 2: Repetitions

How many push ups should one do? The age old question which I believe has been discussed way too much in the media. Everything depends on your objective, but here are my thoughts

  • Increased endurance and stamina: do quick push ups (with perfect form!) with a high number of reps per set
  • Muscle development: definition and toning: medium speed push ups with enough reps to tire you without exhausting you.
  • Muscle growth: increase load (i.e. weight) and do slow reps until quasi exhaustion in each set with a few minutes of rest in between.

How many should you do? As many as you can to push you beyond your comfort zone! I personally went from 50 in 1 session to over 300!

Step 3: Variations

There are SO MANY push up variations possible in order to work on all different parts of your pectoral muscles! In my soon to come video of my 22 push ups challenge, I will already demonstrate 22 variations I used off the top of my head.

It is therefore hard to believe when some people say "I need to go to the gym to workout because push ups are too easy!"

Step 4: Load

Adding load is for people who wish to build bigger and stronger muscle. Simply add as much as you can muster by using something as simple as a loaded backpack or weight plates! Remember, the heavier the load with perfect form, the easier it will be to build muscles.

Here's a nice video from a popular online calisthenics team:

"In less than a few months, these push up tips have drastically increased my physique and performance in order to push myself to the next level! My wife also likes the difference... :)"

-- Vincent TAM, LU --

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