Why I only take NATURAL and organic food supplements... the power of synergy!

Published : 05.05.2017 10:07:32
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Naturalis Balance has been founded to help people lead healthier lives through natural and preventive methods... and here is why i exclusively sell natural wholefood supplements, and not synthetic or individually extracted vitamins/minerals.

Why I only sell natural wholefood supplements

I believe that trying to manipulate nature is simply a waste of time. Why consume extracted elements as opposed to eating wholefood products which makes you benefit from other nutrients at the same time? Here are the reasons why I only promote organic, raw and natural food supplements:

Our bodies are not easily fooled

Our digestive & immune system has evolved to know that processed foods, GM foods and synthetic elements do not belong in our body. This can lead to malabsorption of foods, mutation of healthy cells and responses from the immune system to these "foreign" compounds.

Nature Nurtures Nature

As I just said, our body knows when we are not eating natural things. This means that eating whole organic foods are a lot easier and better absorbed than anything processed by man.

Impossible to recreate nature

Humans have long been obsessed in trying to control nature, rather than try to work with it! There is a reason why the food we eat is not made from simply one element, but from a large number of nutrients, vitamins and minerals... this reason is synergy. Different elements work together in order to allow animals to properly nourish themselves and absorb food easily for a healthy balanced diet.

The mystery and importance of synergy

Synergism is the interaction of elements that creates a total effect greater than the sum of the individual elements.

Synergy is not only of proven importance, but not completely researched either as there seems to be an infinite combination of elements in food... if you are anything like me, these combinations in food are there for a reason!

Look at these examples:

Synergy examplesSingle food sources
Vit B6 is absorbed better thanks to potassiumApples
Vit C, manganese & copper helps with iron absorptionCacao
Vit D allows for the absorption of calciumFatty fish and fish oils
Magnesium works with potassium to enhance cellular retentionBaobab
Iron deficiency aneamia cannot be corrected without sufficient vitamins C and/or B6 and vitamin A Broccoli and camu camu
Zinc synergism with magnesium and phsphorusMaca root

This is only a minute number of examples as all food has some form of synergy in it... is it logical to consume synthetic single extracted elements?!

Below are tables of synergy between and cross elements.

Synergy between Minerals

Element Synergist Minerals

Source: orthomolecular.org

Synergy between Vitamins

VitaminSynergistic Vitamins

Source: orthomolecular.org

Cross Vitamin-Minerals synergy

VitaminMineral Synergy
DCa-Mg -Na-Cu-Se

Source: orthomolecular.org

It goes both ways

While synergies boost each other, a deficit of elements can also lead to the deficit or the antagonism of another! Here's a few examples:

  • A zinc deficiency leads to the toxic accumulation of cadmium.
  • Insufficient calcium or iron could result in Lead toxicity.
  • Vitamin D (obtained primarily from Superman’s source of power, the sun; and partially from food) prevents toxicity from elevated levels of natural vitamin A.
  • A zinc deficiency can be related to vitamin A deficiency that would not respond to vitamin A supplementation.

In conclusion, eat healthy and vary your foods to fuel your healthy body!

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