How to gain weight healthily & sustainably through nutrition and exercise

Published : 25.04.2018 14:59:46
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My philosophy regarding a person's ideal weight is very simple: achieve a weight that allows you to feel good about yourself and reach your physical / mental goals without harming your health

With this in mind, I want to share my experience in putting on weight healthily to improve my physical performance. 4 years ago, my weight peaked at 74 kg for my height of 183 cm for almost 7 years ... and in a year and a half, I reached (and stayed) at 80 kg, a weight which suits me much better for my sports needs and my self-confidence! I achieved this goal without any artificial product, just a proper diet and complimentary fitness training.
My goal: to increase my weight through building lean muscle mass.
I achieved my goal knowing that muscle fibres weigh a lot more than fat, that this weight gain will be useful in improving my athletic performance and my wife will be happy from an aesthetic point of view :)

Here are my tips in this quest:


In principle, without excessive food consumption, our body assimilates the calories we needed to function optimally. For people with a more developed metabolism, the body uses more calories to meet the demands of the body. This feature depends on our gender, body composition, muscle / fat ratio, daily activity and genetics.

We will start by conditioning our body to increase the caloric need. I achieved this by doing more sports and being generally more active in life. This way of life will automatically increase your appetite because the body now needs more calories to develop muscle mass. This energy is simply obtained via

  1. Our diet (carbohydrate, protein and fat)
  2. Our reserve in the form of fat
  3. Our muscles

So we need to eat not only more, but properly, so that the body uses our reserves of carbohydrates and fat to function properly, proteins for muscle repair without degrading muscles by breaking down muscle fibres.


I increase my calorie intake without eating in excess or any way, but with foods high in protein and "good fat" such as:
  • Nuts
  • Raw organic oils in salads / vegetables / starchy foods (especially do not heat)
  • Add protein powders / oatmeal / peanut butter in smoothies
  • Increase starch intake (ratio adapted to your current diet)
Of course, promote organic and non-industrial foods.


Whether you're doing martial arts or jogging, my next tip in mass gain is incorporating complimentary workouts with the goal of muscle building. This involves heavier weights / resistance with more and slower repetitions. I encourage the use of compound, clean and complete movements to develop "long and functional" muscles while trying to outdo oneself without injury (eg, squats and pumps of suits with added weight).

Do not be afraid to become a "Hulk". Unless you follow an "athlete" diet with over 3500 kcal per day and an intensive weight training program involving very heavy weights, you are not going to develop a bodybuilder's body.


Thanks to this way of training, our muscle fibres need to be rebuilt in order to develop muscle mass. As a result, we need more protein in order to recover better.

To increase your protein intake healthily and ecologically, please refer to my blog post on this topic.


Finally, of course, you have to feel good  and confident about yourself in order to progress and achieve those goals. Long periods of stress, lack of sleep, etc. will not help at all to achieve or maintain a healthy body!

These are my tips in this blog post! Do not hesitate to contact me for any other information and do not forget to follow my social networks @NaturalisLux

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