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Published : 13.03.2018 13:24:34
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In order to achieve a handstand, we must reinforce our body to do so. This involves strengthening primarily our shoulders and core muscles through a series of exercises. Here are my recommended exercises:

  • Pike push ups
    • Technique: align your shoulders with your wrists and try to place your hips as vertical as possible while keeping your head in between your arms. You can also place your feet on top of a small box 
    • Benefit: Strengthens shoulder muscles and wrists
  • Leaning "plank"
    • Technique: lean forward as much as possible from the plank position without arching your back. You can also slowly rock back and forth for further shoulder strengthening.
    • Benefit: build shoulder and core strength + endurance.
  • Weight plate vertical push
    • Technique: place your palms facing up as if the plate was the ceiling. Shrug your shoulders up while pushing the plate as high as possible while engaging the core and squeezing the glutes.
    • Benefit: understanding the posture of the handstand when in "full extension"
  • Walk up the wall 
    • Technique: keep your back straight at all times while walking towards being as close as you can to the wall.
    • Benefit: strengthens your shoulders, conquers your initial fear of being upside down, help understand what a straight body feels like even if you do not reach the vertical position yet.
  • Folded legs kick up
    • Technique: while fully crouched, kick up with both your legs towards the vertical without ever strengthening your legs. Place the hips above your shoulders in order to find your center of balance (and you first handstand!). Keep you ears between your arms with your eyes looking up and do not arch your back. Spread your fingers apart to use them for balance and push up as much as you can like you have trained with the above "weight plate vertical push" exercise. Once you have mastered this, you can slowly start extending your legs when you are at the "sweet spot" of balance.
    • Benefit: understanding the concept of the "center balance" whereby your hands, shoulders and hips are aligned. Once you find this "sweet spot", you legs can go in any direction you want!
  • Kick up to handstand against the wall
    • Technique:focus on keeping your arms straight when kicking up. Throw one leg up against the wall first before closing in with the second leg. Keep your ears between your arms with your eyes looking up. Extend your body as vertically as possible like you have trained with the above "weight plate vertical push" exercise from your hands to the pointed toes.
    • Benefits: learn to kick up as an alternative way to reach the handstand. Understand a fully extended handstand with a slight "overreach" to overcome the fear of falling over
  • Handstand with chest on the wall
    • Technique: extend to a full handstand with only the chest touching the wall. Remember all of the above training!
    • Benefits: truly understanding a fully extended handstand. Understand the valuable use of each finger and tension of every part of the body for stability.
    • Remember your training and try it out! Remember not to rush the movement.

    These are the exercises I have incorporated into my workouts to perfect the handstand over the years. I hope they help you too and good luck towards achieving such an awesome skill!

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