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Published : 04.02.2017 22:25:50
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Important note: Always keep your back STRAIGHT!

Each exercise lasts 30-40 seconds depending your performance. Perform this circuit at least 4 times with 5-10 seconds rest between each exercise and 40 seconds rest between each set.

  1. Face burner: when on all fours, dynamically put your feet one after the other on a 50cm box and back down again while keeping your back horizontal.
  2. High knees on the spot: quickly run with knees up to your stomach while alternating your arms on the spot.
  3. Burpees: from a plank position, bend your arms while keeping your body perfectly straight until you lay flat on the floor. Quickly hop up by putting your feet on the outside of your hands, then jumping up as high as your can while maintaining a straight back.
  4. Jumping jack elbow plank: whilst in a perfect plank position, hop your feet inwards and outwards continuously without bending your back.
  5. Jumping/dynamic squats: after going down on a perfect squat (see my "perfect squat video"), dynamically jump up vertically while keeping your back straight; upon landing do not stop the movement but go directly into the next squat.
  6. Push up w/ alternating leg & arm raises: after each push up, raise on arm and opposing leg before going back down to your next push up.

My team and I normally continue our workout off with a 15 minutes abs session followed by a nice stretching (always), which I will post in another post down the line!

If you are not melting even after the first set, then you are either doing it wrong or are extremely fit! :D

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