The amazing health benefits of bananas

Published : 17.07.2017 16:00:34
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We find them in farms, supermarkets, gyms, sports events and zoos... find out about the amazing health properties of the banana and why it’s one of the most popular raw food in the world!

High in potassium

  1. Healthy cells: combined with sodium, potassium allows general cells to function properly by allowing molecules to be transported in and out of cells.
  2. Muscle relaxation and preventing cramps: while sodium & calcium helps our cells contract, potassium & magnesium (which are present in bananas) allows it to relax. Consequently, one needs a good balance of sodium and potassium for optimal muscle function, prevention of muscle cramps and muscle breakdown.
  3. Happy neurotransmitter: banana contains tryptophan, an element which is converted in serotonin, our happy-mood neurotransmitter. This is therefore known to help people with conditions such as insomnia, PMS and depression.
  4. Friend of the heart: it is well documented that this fruit lowers blood pressure, protects against heart attack and lowers the risk of strokes.
  5. Brain power: potassium increase oxygen uptake to the brain which makes you more alert or smart, depending on how you want to see it :)

Good for digestion

  1. Prebiotic properties: banana’s stimulates the growth of friendly bacteria in our gut and boosts the production of digestive enzymes for nutrient absorption.
  2. Helps with constipation: the high fibre content helps use regulate our digestive tract and normalise “motility”.
  3. Helps with diarrhoea: bananas also works the other way as it soothes our digestive tract and restores our lost electrolytes after the runs.
  4. Soothes heartburn: bananas are a natural antacid which soothes our acidic stomachs, acd reflux and heartburn.
  5. Protects our stomach: in addition to the above benefit, this raw fruit protects our stomach lining which prevents and soothes stomach ulcers.

Energy Booster & regulator

  1. Sports power: thanks to the high carbohydrate and low fat content, this healthy fruit provides us with a nice dose of energy while not shooting up our blood sugar.
  2. Fighting hunger: fight those cravings in between meals and reduce the risk of eating unhealthily by munching on a banana!
  3. Regulate blood sugar: particularly when eating non ripe bananas, resistant starch functions like soluble fibre and helps improve insulin sensitivity (good for diabetics) and lower blood sugar level.

Healthy body

  1. Retain calcium: bananas helps build strong bones by counteracting calcium loss. This also prevents kidney cancer and protects our eyes against degeneration.
  2. High in vitamin B6: helps provide energy, protects against type 2 diabetes. strengthen the nervous system and helps produce white blood cells.
  3. High in antioxidants: protects us from oxidising free radicals and its associated diseases.

 Now you know why I put this in all my smoothies, it not only tastes amazing, but also extremely nutritious and aren’t expensive! Check out my smoothie recipes here.

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